Why Cinnamon and chocolate cake?

A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. We got married, bright eyed and bushy tailed and then life happened. What a journey it has been, what joy, what sorrow. We were blessed with a household of boys and steered through life on a road less traveled.

When we fell pregnant the fourth time a family member reacted with: “Your joking!” and when our fifth son was announced we knew we broke the mold. A large house hold in these modern times faces several challenges, finances being one, and during our 13year tenure at our Paul street house we knew times of plenty and times of serious limitation.

It was during these times of serious limitation that we would turn to baking pancakes with cinnamon sugar and sometimes when ingredients allowed chocolate cake. I will always remember those times with fondness because it pulled our young family together. It busted us out of dreariness and was accompanied by the excited chatter and enjoyment of little ones not knowing we used the last eggs.


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