The miracle of seven fishes

Stand your ground men!

Fishing asks for a bravery that includes cutting a tangled eel from your line to weathering the  cold and waves in the hope of that elusive exhilarating battle that might bring fresh food to the table. The excitement of wrestling a fish from the ocean touched the men in our family profoundly this March. No more are they hopeful, they have actually caught some fish!

It might have them return to that specific fishing spot in future. It definitely had them deeply interested in an elderly fisherman’s book about Southern African fish, which is a reading topic I would not have been able to introduce successfully  before this event.

Skill, technique, timing, bait and patience plays such a vital role in this kind of endeavour that we have never been successful at fishing before.

But this time round we were thankful to have help. Camping out of season has its benefits. We were camping with some pensioners and one fateful day someone else’s granddad took pity on our fruitless efforts. A specific fishing spot in a lovely cove was shared and the local bait shop owner’s knowledge of the tides and feeding habits of the local fish helped us along.

My husband and our 16year old son had only wet their lines when they had to wrestle dinner from the rising tide. What bliss to see their faces and experience their joy!  Two fishes within minutes, one bronze and one silver Bree.

Seven fishes was wrestled from the water in two days but it was only the bronze and silwer Bree that became dinner…

No one else caught any fish but the men from our little inland tribe… and in a very special sense these fish remains to this day a symbol to me that God equips and He will provided!



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