Let’s Live Ethically

Unashamedly Ethical is beautiful words. Words that tested my actions and judgement from the first time that I heard a bussiness movement with this name was called into being by bussiness man Graham Power.

I wanted to live ethically, impact my community ethically. I dreamed of a South Africa transformed by ordinary people living ethical lifes… ethical food, electricity and petrol prices.

In the movie Flywheel the secondhand car dealer Jay Austen tells the undercover journalist that he prefers selling cars at prices that he feels good about: “Just sell the car to them by its real price and God will decide.”

Pravin Gorden was quoted in today’s The Star newspaper saying:

We can very easily pay for some of the things that we are pressured for at the moment – fees for students that come from poor backgrounds… just stop some of the corruption that is going on.

If you pay the right price for the coal that you buy, if your tenders are priced correctly… If you end even a quarter of that, you’ll get R30 billion to 40bn that the poor will benefit from, so there’s no point in using the poor as point of political rhetoric… you must be serious about solving the problem of poverty and unemployment and the way you do it is to stop the bloody nonsense.”

The Star 26/8/2016

We all have decisions to make, do we charge honestly, do we contribute to a financial culture of slavery or do we trim the edges of a far too glamorous consumer driven world and live a quieter more honest life.

I will work my hands to the bone to help transform our country. We do live in the land of milk and honey… we have just became complacent accepting a commercial and political world filled with illicit gain.

The time has come to rise up in faith and action. To rebuild our country to truly be the prophesied breadbasket it is meant to be.

If you are are willing I truly believe God WILL equip and God WILL provide. Join the cause, lets turn away from selfish gain, let’s live ethically! 


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