For some time now I have experienced the wheels of change turning, ushering in a new way of thinking, living and perceiving the world. Last night it rained… preceding the rain was a thunderstorm which included a lightening strike that had my children wide eyed and actually thrilled with excitement and fear. The strike got my attention too…
…it was like a wakeup call… (Is jy waar jy moet wees, doen jy wat jy moet doen…)
Are you in His permissive will or His specific will for your life.
I find myself constantly weighing and assessing, not in an obsessive way but in a I want to walk in the “specific destiny” of my life way. I do not want to miss a thing…
I have come to a place where I choose to experience the sad and the sorrows, the joys and hopefully an abundance of surrendering peace as well. I want to smell the wet rainy soil and be thrilled by new scents of flowers I have never smelled before and I want to share it with my family, my friends and most of all my husband of very close to 20years.
It seems that the flavours of our family life have increased tremendously lately. It includes wood fires on camping trips and a lot of fruity smells, paw-paw, banana, lemon, strawberry, peach… cooking includes olive oil, garlic, rosemary, FRESH ginger and early mornings the deep aroma of freshly ground coffee. We are healthier, more involved, definitely more challenged than before. I do believe we are lucky to be alive in a time such as this. Lucky to strike out and stand up against the swell of the wave called complacency.
Lucky to have the freedom to evaluate and to change. The work in us is not yet done, alot still can be done and will be done because of the choices we have made. We are turning away and in another exciting sense we are turning to… And it is the latter that excites me the most!

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