On the matter of abuse

I was watching the situation from a distance, I even spoke up a few times. But the intend to grow and the passion to complete the task made this person brave the storm time and again. Wronged in so many ways it turned the tables on an able mind to a point of accepting the blows being dealt.

Then something broke, the cat got tired of the mouse and in a miracle decision the captive was set free. This freedom can bring so much change, it will hopefully bring perspective once fully removed from the debilitating environment of lies and deceit. 

Currently it presents an unknown future, scary exciting indeed. It presents opportunity to heal and to grow and to not step into that environment again. Will the later roll out? I do not know but I pray it does.
Jesus has come to set the captives free, free to move beyond the prisons we allow others or circumstances to create, free to choose. I have come to realize that we always have a choice, even in captivity.

You need not stay where you are, you really need not!


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